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The name itself includes a picture of romantic castles with moats, towers, drawbridges and gardens. The entire Loire Valley has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and taking a tour of the valley is like going back in time to medieval times and discovering the historical wealth of France, while exploring its architecture. When you choose Local Paris Tours to book your tour we assure you the best tours at the lowest price guaranteed.

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  • You gotta check out the Castles!
    By: John C Kurtz

    Really enjoyed being in Loire Valley and seeing so much history. We had a wonderful time. It did rain on us but we were prepared with umbrellas. The only complaints I had were, pick up was a half an hour later than we were told. Caused some stress. Mini van was just that, Mini. 4 couples and a tour guide. One of the couples didn't get to sit together. One of them sat in the front seat and the other in the back. The last thing was the the time spent at each castle simply wasn't enough. Don't get me wrong, we made it work but we could have easily stayed longer if they let us. The lunch was very good. Plus they served wine. You all sit at the same table. The guide was super knowledgeable. The guide talks during the drive portion there and to and from each castle. Once you're at the castle the guide leaves you to discover on your own. All in all I'd say it was an incredible experience.

  • By: Yuehching Tsao

    We liked the guided tour... Thank you

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